Drilling success in Barossa

The Barossa-Caldita Joint Venture has achieved positive results from the two-well appraisal drilling campaign in the Barossa field in the Bonaparte Basin, offshore Northern Territory.

Leigh Creek Energy has completed the environmental baseline drilling program for the Pre-Commercial Demonstration Stage (PCD) of the Leigh Creek Energy Project (LCEP).

Key Petroleum has completed the acquisition of 100 per cent of ATP 783, ATP 920 and ATP 924 in Queensland’s Cooper Basin from Beach Energy.

A number of projects around the country are getting underway or nearing completion. Here, PPO Projects provides you with the latest updates from June.

WA introduces five-year release

The Western Australia Government will introduce a strategic five-year release of petroleum exploration areas across the Canning and Perth Basins.

Wye Knot drilling progresses

Key Petroleum and its joint venture partners have progressed their planning for the proposed Wye Knot-1 well in the Perth Basin, Western Australia.

AWE has received a notice from shareholder Mitch Dawney to acquire call options over shares in AWE for up to 19.99 per cent of the company.

The PEL 92 Joint Venture has cased and suspended Callawonga-17 as a future oil producer in PPL 220 in the Cooper Basin, South Australia.

AWE continues its drilling operations at the Waitsia-3 appraisal well in L1/L2 in the northern Perth Basin, Western Australia.

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