PPO Annual was published for the first time in 2010 and will be published each year in the first half of the year.  It summarises the state of play for existing and proposed pipeline, plant and offshore projects in an easy to use format.

It contains a list of pipeline, plant and offshore projects currently in planning, in design and under construction, as well as a comprehensive list of existing pipelines. Each project is listed by its stage of development, within its relevant state or territory.

Stay informed

Project records include information on the proponent or owner, the scope of works, and a list of contractors involved. Each state or territory section is separated by a map, on which the location of the projects have been pinpointed.

In addition to project records, the PPO Annual contains project manager interviews providing an insight into the planning and operations that are completed on pipeline and power station projects in Australia.

A must-have

A list of major pipeline contractors and their capabilities is provided toward the back of the book – a must-have for any current or potential pipeline owner and operator.

Tie all of these elements in together, and the PPO Annual provides an essential reference guide for the pipeline, plant and offshore industry.

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