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For 44 years, Great Southern Press has grown to become Australia’s specialist industry publisher, providing a suite of printed and online publications which cover infrastructure, construction and energy.

Pipeline, Plant & Offshore (PPO) offers an in-depth insight into the burgeoning petroleum industry in Australia, and is ideal for major pipeline owners and proponents, sales and business development teams, as well as education and tertiary institutions needing to develop their knowledge in this industry.

  • High level analysis
  • Economic projections
  • Project updates
  • Profiles of leading executives
  • State-of-industry reports
  • Industry news
  • Innovation and technology
  • Policy commentary


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Pipeline, Plant & Offshore (PPO) prides itself on being informed with what's happening in the oil and gas industry, and welcomes any tips or updates.

If you've got a story that you think should be covered, email news@ppo.com.au.



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